Activities on the Day

British Cycling Go Ride Coaches

Delivering sessions to novice riders and will have a fleet of bikes available to use too, so if you can’t cycle yet come and learn.

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James Bunting team GB junior track sprinter to lead our 50k

James is honoured to lead out the 50k Ride for Eric on behalf and representing team GB. James is currently racing in Germany but will be back in time to take part in this very important event. James is a junior track sprinter for team GB and a three times national champion 2017.

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Paul Young – Resident coach

Experience track cycling on a road bike, with thin tyres and racing handle bars. Learn how to ride the track safely as an individual and as part of a group. We will be looking at cornering, pedalling and use of gears in our fun, rewarding session. If you haven`t got your own road bike, we have bikes we can loan out.

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Stars Cycle Speedway

Have a go at the most explosive cycle discipline out there. 4 laps, no brakes. Join in with the Sheffield Stars Cycle Speedway club at Ride For Eric and see what it is all about.

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Up Hill Challenge – Support by Giant

More details to be announced.

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ReCycle Bikes’ Dr Bike

In their Dr Bike Clinics, the ReCycle bikes team inspect bikes for safety and make minor adjustments and repairs to ensure that bikes are roadworthy.

Things they do in a Dr Bike Clinic:
Inspect bikes for damage and wear
Write a road-worthiness report on each bike we see for the bike’s owner
Adjust brakes and gears to ensure smooth running
Replace rim brake pads if they are worn
Replace brake and gear cables if they are damaged
Adjust minor play in bearings
Pump up tyres to manufacturers recommended pressure

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Smoothie Bike

Have a go at making a smoothie by cycling, in this great activity provided by Sheffield International Venues.

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MoreRehab have confirmed they’ll be providing a wobble board/gym ball challenge and a dexterity challenge.

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