Forge Valley

Forge Valley School are proud to be part of the Ride for Eric event and as a school and community facility who host a range of cycling initiatives, are overjoyed to be part of an event that promotes safe cycling for all across the city of Sheffield. Forge Valley School boasts the city’s only Road Cycle Circuit and are happy to support the Ride for Eric event in terms of hosting and promoting the event across the local area. The use of the facility at Forge Valley School means that children of all abilities, young people and even adults who may not feel confident on the road are able to cycle in a safe place, and get up some speed around the track. Forge Valley hopes that by being involved in the Ride for Eric event, we will raise the profile of the facilities that we have across the cycling community and local community and will be seen as a place that cyclists of all abilities are able to come and participate.

Our 2019 Ride Routes